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Why choose us for your skateboard education journey?

Committed to promoting safety, respect, trust and credibility, USAS and USSEA are ushering in a new era of skateboard educator excellence for all. Our goal is to provide a home for skateboard education ideas and global development for educators and students at every stage of their journey, from complete beginner to competitive professional skateboarders.

Passion-driven leadership

Our founders and leaders are lifelong skateboarders, some still shredding well into their 60s. Get USSEA-Certified and learn from our legacy of passion, expertise, and love for the skateboard community.

Safety and trust above all

All USSEA-Certified Skateboard Educators have a solid base of safety certifications, including first aid and CPR, concussion awareness and prevention from HeadsUp and abuse awareness and prevention from SafeSport. USSEA’s S.K.A.T.E Safe program is also designed to help beginners learn to skate safely and be respectful at public skateboard venues.

We’re in it together

By becoming USSEA-Certified, you're joining a thriving community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about skateboarding and committed to fostering a safe and respectful environment for all.

The US Skateboard Education Association

USSEA is one of the leading membership-based resources in the country for skateboarders, educators, and enthusiasts. They are committed to making it easier for everyone to learn to skateboard. As the leading organization for skateboard coaches seeking professional development and certification, USSEA offers a wide range of resources to help children and adults learn to skateboard and help educators develop career pathways in skateboard education. The USSEA Certification provides the resources for anyone who's passionate about helping others improve their skateboarding skills to expand their career opportunities and satisfy the needs of parents and organizations looking for safe, reliable, top-tier coaching education. USSEA also works with skateboard program operators, like municipal skate park operators, camps and after-school programs, to make their facilities and programming safer, more engaging, and more accessible for everyone.

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USA Skateboarding

USA Skateboarding (USAS) is the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) recognized member organization to Skate USA and Managing Organization to the USA Skateboarding National Team. It is USA Skateboarding’s responsibility to bring our nation’s skateboarders to the world stage to represent our country in the most positive and professional light.

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